Fun stuff in municipal and provincial politics

Municipal and provincial politics is always fun to look at some times. Other times…. Well….

Montreal is in the middle of a big mess. It actually started at the provincial level when the provincial government started a commission to investigate the briberies, kickbacks and other illegal activities that have hit the local construction industry for decades. In fact, one report suggests the city of Montreal pays an extra 40% for work done elsewhere.

The mayor of Montreal resigned. But the commission has affected others. The mayor of Laval, the city just above Montreal has resigned after about 22 years in office as there has been some questionable dealings. The Laval mayor has won all or almost all  council seats at every election. [I think I was still living there when he started his first term.]

But you have to wonder about the provincial level. They province wants to create a transportation train to go east of the island. Initially the budget was pegged at $300 million. The latest estimate is $671 million. Even more interesting is that in a province rich in electricity, this new transportation leg would use diesel locomotives and because of that, a tunnel has to be upgraded in case there is an accident involving the diesel carried by the locomotives [current using electrical locomotives].

While at it, the [current] premier of Quebec is pushing to get the Metro [Montreal’s subway] extended towards the east while the next mayor of Laval wants the metro to go their way and the mayor of Longueil [south of Montreal] wants the Metro extended that way. Of course, the guy who probably will make the biggest recommendation is a member of the premier’s party – recently given the job after the last election. Conflict of interest?

Finally, one of the biggest construction jobs will start officially next year. The Turcotte Interchange, linking many major Montreal highways will be brought down and replaced as it is crumbling [like everything else in Quebec] and hopefully improved the traffic circulation. Yet, some groups are calling for less highway lanes to help the environment. Huh? The vehicles will clog up the highways with less lanes but the number of vehicles stuck in traffic, polluting the air will not eventually reduce traffic in the area. People use their vehicles to go from point A to point B because public transportation doesn’t allow them to.


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