Apple may drop Intel processors for ARM

According to a report from Bloomberg release on Tuesday, November 6th, Apple is thinking of dropping the Intel processor line in favor of the ARM processors. They cited unnamed sources.

If true, this will be the second time in a decade that Apple has switched processors. They previously used the PowerPC processor, but dropped it in 2005. By changing processors, they will have to optimize OS X to work with the ARM processors. ARM processors are already in Apple gadgets.

The transition wouldn’t happen for a few more years, the sources said. Eventually the ARM processors would be powerful enough to run intensive Mac applications.

Of coursed switching processors will [like in 2005] mean that as Apple slowly moves to ARM processors, the Intel based software won’t be supported as much and eventually stop. In the end, old Macs will become big paper weights to a point where your $1500 investment a year before your buy a new Mac will be worth very little shortly after the ARM editions are released.

Of course drop Intel processors for ARM. Save a few dollars in the process. Charge the customers the same or more. Yup. Apple will switch to ARM. Of course it could be a ploy by Apple to get Intel to drop their prices.


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