Anyone expected a new full iPad

OK. I think most bloggers expected that Apple would release the iPad Mini last week but I think few were expecting a new iPad [regular size]. I don’t remember anyone blogging about it – those experts who had all that exclusive or secret information [a.k.a. leaks by Apple or otherwise just guesses with no proof].

Unsure how Apple will market this new iPad [regular] since the iPad released in the spring was called just “iPad” while described by some as “iPad 2012” as it didn’t have a number after it. Maybe call it “iPad 2012.1?”, “iPad 3”, “iPad Expensive”  :-).

[Peter Gabriel or really is label had a similar problem as his first 4 albums were all called “Peter Gabriel” but eventually they were called “1”, “2”, “3” and “Security” by the label.]

As I mentioned previously, the biggest problem is whether or not people will buy the mini. With the price hovering at $330 for the base model it is still pricier than the competitors.

Even with the new regular iPad, some may not buy it in favor of the mini for 2 reasons: price and size. Price is an obvious one with a difference of about $170. But some find the 10” size a bit too big. Granted that the bigger iPad is faster and has extra features but if you are just surfing and doing Email, speed isn’t a major issue.

As well, the latest iPad [regular] came out roughly 7 months after the “iPad 2012”. That is quite close [and I suspect a few fanbois and fangurls may be steaming because they expected to have their latest gadget for a year – not 7 months – and now need to buy the latest – actually 2 gadgets].

I suspect that one reason for the move to have 2 iPads released was because of two strraight quarters of less than stellar profits [this coming just a month or so after the iPhone was released].


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