Wait before installing a new Windows OS

If you read my little issue with Windows 8 [see https://ebraiter.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/yes-i-did-install-windows-8-pro/], this is the reason why I tell people to wait a bit before installing a new Windows operating system.

I would normally have waited a while but I figured what could go wrong on a netbook? It doesn’t have much of the latest and greatest technologies with the exception of an Intel 330 series SSD [180GB].

I think part of the problem that made Windows Vista to be the black sheep of the recent Windows OSs [OK, Windows 8 could beat Windows Vista] was that Windows Vista was really a nearly complete reworking. As such, drivers had to be created or it. Even worse – limited 64-bit drivers and software.

So what did some people do? They bought Windows Vista, installed it on their primary system [upgraded or otherwise] and then found out that there were no drivers for the video card, audio card, etc. They then whined and complained.

[Of course there are other reasons why Windows Vista got a bad rap.]

For example, my desktop has a Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium card. Have it since I built the system. So almost three years old and considered an “archived product”. Only bets drivers as yet. Good thing is that Creative Labs will support it [to some degree] for Windows 8 – but I would have to wait – if I installed Windows 8 on my desktop – but not at this time.

So this brings me to my regular solution: Check to see if drivers are available [built in or otherwise] for all components of your computer.


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