Yes. I did install Windows 8 Pro

Ok. I installed Windows 8 – not on my “main” computer but on my ASUS EEE PC 1000HE netbook.

First you may say, why Windows 8 when I had mentioned I’m not a fan? Well, I will eventually have to support it when others ask questions.

Then you may say, why on my netbook? Well, I am not ready to bugger up my desktop which already has a Windows 7 and Windows XP dual boot and happy with it.

Anyways, Windows 8 Pro is installed [thanks TechNet plus!]. A bit surprised that there are no Windows 8 drivers for my video card Intel 950 Mobile Express. I suspect that maybe installing the Windows 7 drivers may work. Probably will do the same for the chipset.

The good thing about Windows 8 is that it can use Windows 7 drivers and even Windows Vista drivers [in most cases].

As it stands, the Modern [formerly M____] interface does not accept the default resolution – an ugly 800*600. The usual resolution with the drivers installed is the odd 1024*600 but a hack fix can go to 1024*768 as well as an odd higher resolution.

Installation time was maybe 30 minutes plus already 9 updates including a big one that weighs in over 110MB.

Just like previous versions, the default setting is still not to see the file extensions. No idea why….

Anyways, I’ll see how things go.

Update [2012/10/28]: That didn’t take long. I installed the updated Intel SSD Toolkit [which also updates the SSD drive’s firmware] as well as the video and chipset drivers and guess what? On boot up, the netbook’s keyboard wouldn’t work. Not even in safe mode. I finally did get in after using the onscreen keyboard [as I have a password set] and play around to get to System Restore. Guess what? No System Restore points! I’m wondering if it has the same or similar glitch [but when I finally did get in, System Restore wasn’t even set]. So then I used Refresh My PC which restore my netbook to the installation point [took maybe 5 minutes] and the keyboard returned. Of course it brings me back to the point of what failed. One thing I did notice is that prior to the Refresh My PC my video drivers still didn’t help the ugly 800*600 resolution but if anything I thought it would be the chipset software. Hmmmm… I went back and decided to kill the video drivers and let it rescan and all of a sudden, the video drivers were installed. More hmmmm….


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2 Responses to Yes. I did install Windows 8 Pro

  1. Hi Ed, I also have an eee1000HE that I’d like to upgrade to Win8. In checking the current WinXP SP3 internal LCD screen resolution, I can’t change it from 800X600. I’ve tried hacks and other things to no avail. Is this possibly normal with SP3, and after I upgrade I’ll be able to choose another resolution? Win8 won’t run on 800X600!! If you would email me back at: I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks, Jim

    • ebraiter says:

      If you are looking for the resolution fix, this is what I used:
      1) Run regedit
      2) Search and modify all values “Display1_DownScalingSupported” from “0” to “1”
      3) Restart the system
      4) Enjoy with the two new resolutions 1024×768 & 1152×864
      As usual, backup the registry and/or do a restore point. Adding the SSD really improves the performance not related to the CPU [i.e. won’t help on processing updates as much].
      As I mentioned, I had the resolution problem first time around with Win 8 but was fine after.

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