Hell didn’t freeze over but….

OK. Today is dooms day for some, a happy day for others, and who give a crap day for another group.

Today is the release of Windows 8. Three years in the making, successor to the very popular Windows 7.

Problem is that Windows 8 already has plenty of baggage for an operating system that isn’t even out. I guess releasing public previews and developer releases don’t help. [Even if Microsoft kept it quiet, I’m sure either marketing would of “leaked” something or it would be (illegally) leaked out of Microsoft.]

There many out there who have given either thumbs down to the OS already or can’t say anything extremely positive about it. I fall in the latter camp.

The biggest concern I have is the new “Modern” [formerly “Metro”] interface. Killing the Start/Orb menu is a mistake. A better option would of been to allow it like the dual menus were allowed in Windows XP. On the positive side, the reduced number of editions is good. There is very little in Windows 7 Ultimate that would make mer use it [I could be using right now with my TechNet plus license but opted for the Professional edition].

Anyways, time will tell how the OS will succeed or not.


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