Did Microsoft blew it already with Windows 8 Surface?

Microsoft has announced the rough pricing of their surface tablets recently. Unsure about you, but they are not making it easy for themselves.

For years, people made fun at Apple for their “Apple Tax”. Apple Tax was the term used to describe why when you bought a Mac with the [roughly] same hardware as a Windows computer that the Mac was generally at least 25% more expensive than the Windows equivalent. So, you were “taxed” for the name on the case.

With the cheapest current iPad [sometimes called the “New iPad” since Apple didn’t give it a version number when released this past spring] selling for $500, you would of figured that Microsoft would take advantage of the Apple Tax “legend” and sell the Windows Surface tablets for something cheaper than the iPad [and probably more expensive than the Android tablets].

Additionally, as it’s the “new guy” in the field that maybe they would sell it a bit cheaper like any other introductory product.


According to reports, the cheapest Windows 8 RT – that’s the cheaper limited model and not the Windows 8 Pro – will actually sell for as much or more than the cheapest iPad.


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