Still no Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

In most new releases of a version of Windows, Microsoft would of also update Internet Explorer for older versions of Windows – well at least those that are stull getting full support [ within the first five years of release].

So with Windows 8 coming out this week, you would expect Internet Explorer 10 [which is in Windows 8] to be released for Windows 7 this week. Nope.

Microsoft hasn’t released any public pre-releases of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 in a long while – since last year I believe. Well, according to reports, a preview release will be out sometime in the first half of November.

So don’t expect any final release until next year.

In case you are wondering, no version for Windows Vista as it is in extended support. On the other hand, Windows Vista isn’t that popular, and I suspect some of those will jump to Windows 8 when released later this week.


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