Will there be an iPad “mini”?

Apple is scheduled to make an announcement on October 23rd regarding what most suspect – an iPad “Mini. I still laugh at the fanbois and fangurls who are craving all the rumours floating around about a possible iPad “mini” coming out. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

  • Apple still has not officially said anything about an iPad coming out and if so a launch date.
  • Steve Jobs’ had said prior to his death that he didn’t like the idea of a seven inch version of the iPad. If a “mini” is released this fall then it’s possible the “mini” was conceived prior to Jobs’ death.
  • Rumours continuously come out regarding a “mini”. The release date according to rumours either went by already or will be out before the end of the year.
  • Unless the iPad “mini” [if exists] is priced about half the price of the regular iPad, it still will not be able to compete against the Kindle Fire or the various Android based tablets.
  • A “mini” could actually hurt the 10” iPad sales. While some who can’t afford $500+ for the full edition, they could afford the “mini”. But there will be some who were thinking of buying a full version switch to the “mini” because it may have the same features except the smaller rumoured 7.85″ screen.
  • A “mini” could also cut into the profit margins of Apple. According to the recent trial with Samsung, for a $500 iPad, Apple could reach a profit of roughly $165. To do the same ratio while selling a “mini” at $250 would mean a profit of maybe $85 on a mini. Investors may not like that.
  • There was talk that the “mini” could actually be an eBook reader to challenge the Kindle, Kobo and others.
  • Other rumours say the “mini” will have Siri [will it still be in beta?] and a Retina screen. [Apple better add more server power so they don’t have those outages related to Siri again list this past year.]

Some “analysts” believe it will kill the 7″ Nexus, the Kindle Fire and what’s left of the Playbook. As I said, unless there is a small difference between the mini and the competition, it won’t matter.

Update [2012/10/16] : According to reports, the Mini with WiFi only will start at around $320, $450 for 16GB, $580 for 32GB and $710 for 64GB. The cellular edition starts at $450, $580 for 16GB, $710 for 32GB and a wopping $840 for 64GB. So, the prices, if they are close to these, won’t help Apple much. A 16GB iPad 3 with WiFi is $520 – not a huge difference [$70].


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