Issues may plague iPhone 5 as well as iOS 6

While it has mostly generated positive feedback, the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 both have issues.   The new iPhone has presented its share issues. They including scrapes and scratches around the edge [Apple has said this is normal!], static lines on the keyboard when keying in your password, light leaks behind the front display, and a purple halo effect on certain photos. iTunes also have some issues.   Apple’s new OS has problems with its buggy Maps app, presenting users with misplaced locations, lost cities, duplicated islands, and other mistakes.

A newer issue [as it affects iPhone 4S users as well] are problems with Wi-Fi. Seems the Wi-Fi option on their device is grayed out, preventing them from accessing the feature at all. Many have tried the usual fixes, such as reinstalling the OS, resetting the device, and even getting a replacement unit from Apple. But the problem persists.

There have also been issues with the 4G LTE as Apple is not using the “standard” LTE chip but a clone – and as such doesn’t have the same compatibility. Also some have complained that the battery drains faster on older products [iPad 2 for one].   The company has been publicly silent about most of the iPhone complaints except for the scratches.

Update [2012/10/02 #1]: Looks like a new iPhone 5 glitch [also iPhone 4 users who upgraded to iOS 6]. Seems that if you use the Wi-Fi, for some users, users are reporting that the data transferred by Wi-Fi has been reported as cellular data and are therefore getting charged. Apple so far has not commented on the issue.

Update [2012/10/02 #2]: Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has apologized for the problems that have plagued the Maps app. Meanwhile the Wi-Fi issues seem to have been fixed for Verizon. They still have to work on the others carriers.
There are suggestions that you backup your iPhone in case iOS 6 causes problems – or wait until problems are fixed.

Update [2012/10/03] : Some users are complaining that their battery is draining faster than iOS 5 after upgrading with about 15% less life.

Update [2012/10/04] : Apple has told at least one customer that any purple halos found in photos taken on the company’s iPhone 5 are considered normal and due to the angling of the device. The issue in question is a purple color that typically shows up on the edges of photos when a light source is immediately nearby, though can occur even when the light is off frame. It can also affect both photos and videos.


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