Google drops Internet Explorer 8 support in November

In case you haven’t heard, if you are using any Google products [well other than the Google search engine and maybe some exceptions], and are still using Internet Explorer 8 with either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may start to see problems with using Google products [such as Gmail or Google Docs] as of November 15th.

As of that day, Google will not support Internet Explorer 8.

For those using Windows Vista and Windows 7, that is not a major issue as those users can install Internet Explorer 9 [or IE10 soon for Windows 7 only].

For Windows XP, that is a problem – if you use Google products – as there is no Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP and never will be.

Google, it seems, announced a bit over a year ago [quietly] that they only support the current and the previous browser versions for any browser with their products.

I’m wondering if their rule is valid for their own Chrome browser which is at version 21. If you go by their rule, they only support versions 21 and 20 [which came out earlier this summer!]. But I suspect the rule doesn’t apply to their own web browser.

I am wondering if either the Google developers are getting lazy or just a ploy by Google to get Windows XP users to switch over to the Chrome browser – easily the most vulnerable web browser of the top five web browsers.

[See or if you don’t believe me on how buggy Chrome is. I prefer a web browser that is secure than one that may set up a page a second faster.]


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