iPhone 5 thoughts

Well, the iPhone 5 finally was unveiled last week.

So far, according to the reviews [and if you exclude the fanbois and fangurls reviews], most aren’t too impressed with the new release.

Judging from reviews, it is iOS 6 that is getting the better reviews – but that will also be available to the iPhone 4S [and maybe the iPhone 4 – didn’t check].

As for the phone itself, it is thinner, a bit lighter and has a larger screen – not much of a bezel/edge on the left or right. But that could also be an issue as screens close to the edge of any device could have increased chances of problems such as cracks. But according to Apple, the screen used is scratch and crack resistant. Wonder what happens if either happens. Does Apple replace the phone if there is a scratch?

Apple once again boast increased battery timer before a charge. But once again, no one usually believes these statements as manufacturers tweak their devices. I still have my netbook that was rated for 9.5 hours but maybe I can get 7 hours on a charge in normal usage. 9.5 hour is probably doing very little or nothing.

Apple also changed the port on the iPhone 5 to connect to a computer or charge. So you may have to get adapters or completely change your older iPhone accessories. Apple is expected to sell adapters for $30+ but you may want to wait until the clone accessories come out. [I guess Apple decided not to join other smart phone manufacturers who seem to be standardizing with the micro USB port.

Finally, Apple has added 4G/LTE to the phone [would you believe at least a third of all iPhone 4 users thought their iPhone was using 4G capable?]. Problem is that the LTE technology has Samsung as a licenser and you know about the Apple versus Samsung battles. So Apple decided to release the iPhone 5 with some type of compatible LTE chip. Some say that depending on the carrier, there could be some LTE issues. Samsung has already started legal proceedings against Apple regarding LTE.


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