Apple vs Samsung thoughts

You probably heard now that a judge awarded Apple $1.05 billion in some patent [and other] infringements against Samsung last month.

Here are a few tidbits since the judgement:

  • A really dumb story came out that Samsung will pay Apple the $1.05 billion in nickels. You read right. Nickels. That amounts to 21 billion nickels. Problem is that the US doesn’t have 21 billion nickels. You also need quite as few dump trucks.
  • Apple originally listed 8 devices they want banned related to the infringements. They then increased that list to 17. They recently added 4 more including the very popular Galaxy S III. In fact the S III outsold the iPhone in August – first time another phone outsold an iPhone since the iPhone came out. No wonder why it was added.

What people forget are these facts:

  • The case isn’t settled. Samsung will most likely appeal the decision citing the fine is huge considering the issue.
  • Even when the case is settled, by that time, Apple can go for the ban for the smart phones. They will all be discontinued by then. Hard to enforce a ban if an appeal is in the works.

Not really surprised Apple would go after and try to ban the Galaxy S III, whether or not it was infringed on. It is eating into the iPhone sales and getting rave reviews – in some cases better than the iPhone 4S and possibly the “iPhone 5” when released today.


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