Miscellaneous Quebec political topics

Go and figure this one out.

Quebec – rich in electricity and probably the cheapest in North America – are buying dual mode locomotives [i.e. electrical and diesel] for the Montreal area local urban train service.

One line, in particular, is all electrical right now. Now they need to spend $40 million to upgrade the tunnel that it uses to make sure it can be safe for the dual mode locomotives.

Is this going backwards? On top of that, to carry diesel on a train is less secure – let alone extra weight that isn’t needed.

While, like most people, I thought it was really bad that someone was killed at Parti Quebecois Montreal headquarters a week ago, new Quebec premier Pauline Marois has decided that her government will pay for as civic funeral for the diseased.

I don’t know about you but the death occurred during her victory speech while she was premier-elect and not premier yet [technically, Jean Charest was premier until he officially collapses the government the day after].

So she is already spending probably more than a hundred thousand dollar when it should be her party who should have spent the money for the funeral.

What’s next? Rename rue Amherst [which is near the Theatre L’Olympia] after the guy? [Ya, another English street renamed. A two for one.]


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