Crunch time in Quebec politics

So, it is under 48 hours from the Quebec elections.

Let’s see. You got Jean Charest’s Liberals who made the biggest goof of his political career by calling an election 15 months before he was supposed to do. Corruption? It existed for years – even in the PQ eras – and the PQ did nothing either.

Then you have Pauline Marios’ PQ. Pushing again for separation but recent polls has fewer than 20% wanting a referendum. The PQ continues to say that they can separate and yet be entitled to everything that they like from Canada – such as transfer payments. Pauline. You can’t take the best of things. You are either in or out. Marois started to do an about face now with the student protesters. She’s getting hit for her stance on planning to ban allophones and francophones to English CEGEPs. I’m sure many businesses are against her stance to extend Bill 101 to any businesses with at least 10 employees as well.

You also have former [unsure about that] Francois Legault’s CAQ who can’t figure out if he is a nationalist or a federalist – he says he’s both. That’s like someone from Puerto Rico saying he’s a nationalist when he is in front of fellow nationalists and claiming to be an American to travel in the US. He wants to hold off on any referendum question for ten years to concentrate on the economy. That’s nice. Until he categorically states that he is dropping the referendum question in ten years, he is still a separatist.

The PQ has some separatist competition with the Quebec Solidaire. They have co-leaders. You have one who seems to have done a decent job during the debates but the other one was kept away from the debates because the party knows he is a crackpot.

Latest polls have all three parties stuck between the high twenties and low thirties. “Rules” for polls say that if you can’t get 40%, you can’t get a majority government.

Only Question now will be who will be in a minority government. Liberals & PQ? Unlikely. Liberals and CAQ? Maybe? CAQ and PQ? Probably more likely.


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