Welcome to the crackpot convention

No not the Republican National Convention in Tampa but the so-called “non-aligned nations”. And it is being held in crackpot central – Tehran.

With exceptions, this is a week-long convention of something like 120 nations and representatives. Aside from Iran, North Korea is probably the next “biggest” country with the biggest chunk coming from African and Eastern Europe countries.

Of course, Iran started the ball rolling complaining that the five permanent UN Security Council members have too much clout. Hmmm. They didn’t complain much for the past 65 years. One of their friends [an ally may be too much], Russia, may not be too thrilled with that.

And Iran suggested that nuclear weapons should be wiped off the world map by 2025 but still denies they have nuclear weapons capabilities and still complain that their foes still do. Meanwhile, their allies from North Korea have capabilities but left the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

And Iran blamed three recent car bomb blasts on “agents” of the Great Britain and the United States as well as the killing of various nuclear scientists in the past couple of years. Of course, they still don’t offer any proof.

I’m sure over the remaining days of the conference, Iran and fellow despots, nutcases and your typical dictators will be spewing out more garbage.

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