Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro with Retina

Heaven forbid.

OK. Maybe Windows 7 on it would be better.

A CNet Australia [a part of CBS] bloggers decided to have a bit of fun and decided how the laptop would function if you removed OS X and installed Windows 8 on it.

In the end, it would have been better not to use Windows 8 on a Mac – at least for now.


But one of the comments struck a bit of a nerve. A commenter complained that it was Microsoft fault the resolution is all screwy and suck up battery life because Windows couldn’t take advantage of the NVidia card that was installed.

As it was pointed out after, Microsoft does not make drivers for Windows – with the probable exception of the generic drivers that are built in. Therefore, Microsoft can’t be blamed if drivers aren’t available to take advantage of the hardware’s features. Unless it is Windows itself that is blocking some of the features [don’t ask me why], it is the manufacturer who should be blamed. Of course in this case, NVidia has not [at this time] supplied proper drivers to install Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro with Retina. Those who try should wait for a Bootcamp that is compatible¬†with Windows 8.

It brings me up to another thought. You can tell the difference between a novice Windows user and someone who’s more towards an expert. A [near] expert would suggest that [for example] a service pack did not install because of incompatible software, blocked by some malware or some malware remnants were left behind. A novice user would blame Microsoft right away for the failure. The novice user doesn’t want to admit that something that they could have initiated would be the source of the problem.