Apple’s lawyers continue to be busy

Even with Apple’s ongoing battle in court with Samsung, Apple’s lawyers continue to keep quite busy.

Google has filed a lawsuit against Apple through its recently acquired Motorola Mobility arm, filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and claiming Apple has violated patents related to email notifications, video players and location reminders, and patents related to Apple’s Siri voice-recognition program.

You knew this was coming after Google bought Motorola Mobility more for the patents than anything else. Motorola Mobility, after all, has had mostly lacklustre success since smartphones took off roughly about 3 years ago. They had some success with the Droid models but nothing compared to other manufacturers.

With Google now owning them, expect Motorola Mobility phones to get the latest Android OS but many updates to come while other Android based manufacturers may not be given priority in new upgrades.

All I can say is the last couple of years has been a boon for patent lawyers in the technology business that if things cool down there could be too many patent lawyers looking for work. 🙂

[Maybe I should be a patent lawyer. I’d be kept busy now – but by the time I graduate….]