Those damn eBook readers

One thing I have noticed with the recent infestation [couldn’t really thing of a better word] of eBook readers is that they really lack documentation.

You buy one of them and they give you this short little pamphlet and expect people to know what to do. Think about it: If you are a computer illiterate 60 years old. Could you figure it out?

Recently someone had problems with a Kobo eReader. As a matter of fact, this was her third one. The first two were returned because she couldn’t get them configured correctly. The first two were sent back as being “defective”.

When you get the Kobo, it says, go to and install the software. Nothing else. So you install the software and then what? As well, there were no information on how to use the Kobo [turn pages, go to the home page, etc.], transfer books, change various settings, etc. In some pages, there is nothing to press to go to the previous page – so you press the home button. They do give you a guide in the eBook, but you have to get there!

In her case there were two further issues that weren’t related to her overall problem but didn’t help:

  • She wasn’t using the Kobo supplied micro USB cable but some junky retractable cable from the Source [Nexxtech brand] because the Kobo cable was a bit short [maybe 3 feet]. It turns out the retractable cable wasn’t working. As soon as the Kobo cable was plugged in, everything was working.
  • She was going through the free route by taking out eBooks at the library. The site mentioned that you needed the Adobe Digital Editions to transfer books from the library to the reader but with no details.

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