Dooms Day is here [Windows 8] for some

Ok. Today is “D-Day” for some. No not that. But “Dooms Day”. OK, maybe not.

Today was the first official release day for developers [through their paid MSDN subscriptions] and IT pros [through their TechNet Plus subscriptions] to grab a copy of Windows 8 and/or Server 2012.

In addition Visual Studio 2012 and .net Framework 4.5 were also released today.

For those who don’t fall under either category above, you’ll have to wait another [roughly] 11 weeks until it is available in stores – October 26.

Between now and sometime after that date, Microsoft will be ramping up its marketing machine with advertising, events, promotions, etc.

Judging by the early reviews, it could be a hard sell for Microsoft to convert Windows XP/Vista/7 users over to IFNAM [“Interface Formerly Known as Metro”].

For systems administrators, they may not rush to it as well as even they will be stuck with IFNAM in Windows Server 2012.

Well the good news is that Windows 9 is only about 3 years away now! 🙂