Do Not Track modified in Internet Explorer 10 while Windows 8 goes Metro-less

Microsoft will use “Windows 8” or “Modern” as replacements for the now-discarded “Metro” label to describe apps and their environment in the upcoming operating system. The phrase “Metro style application” will be replaced by “Windows 8 application.” Other Metro references will also take on the new term, with “Metro user interface” morphing to “Windows 8 user interface” and “Metro design” changing to “Windows 8 design.”

Microsoft Windows 8 users will be able to change the default setting for the do not track (DNT) feature in Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) when the operating system is first run. Early this year, Microsoft said that the DNT feature would be turned on by default in IE10. When Windows 8 is first run, users will have the option of allowing the Express Settings, which accepts all default Microsoft settings, or they can choose Customize, which will give then the opportunity to turn off the DNT setting if they wish. Windows 8 users who select the Express Settings will also see a notice telling them that DNT will be on by default in IE10.

IE10 will also be available to Windows 7 users, but the process will be different for them. Windows 7 customers using IE10 will receive prominent notice that DNT is turned on in their new browser, together with a link providing more information about the setting. IE10 will be available sometime around the time when Windows 8 is released [or maybe a bit before].

Meanwhile, the new Windows Essentials 2012 [formerly Windows Live Essentials] was released for Windows 7 users this week. Included are new and updated [and renamed] Windows Messenger, SkyDrive client, MovieMaker, Photo Gallery and Windows Live Mail [the only application to keep the “Live” as not to confuse Windows Mail that was part of Window Vista’s release].


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