NBC fumbles the ball for the Olympics

You have to wonder about the coverage of the Olympics by NBC. First, they decided to put the opening ceremonies on tape delay showing in prime time. They chopped out at least one portion which they substituted with an interview. NBC actually had 4 hours of coverage even with the edit(s) but the ceremonies lasted 3.5 hours. What did they do the remaining time? Commercials mostly. [By that time, every news outlet had footage of the ceremonies already.]

In comparison, in Canada, CTV broadcasted the ceremonies live from 4 pm to 7:45 pm. They did rebroadcast the ceremonies again in prime time but edited. Although I didn’t watch it, hopefully it was just the athletes marching in.

Then NBC did it again. Because they decided to keep certain shows on during the Olympics such as a paid program, the morning news [2 hours], Today Show [2 hours], and Live with Kelly.  Yes. Live with Kelly is VERY important. 🙂 Tthey couldn’t have given her two weeks off in the summer?. All these were shown during the time when the athletes are competing [9:30 am to 3 pm London time].

And then they had the nerve to ask people not to tweet the results? Yes, they did that.

Once again, in comparison, CTV is showing the Olympics on theirs plus two other sister networks running from basically 24 hours a day [except news breaks for maybe at most 60 minutes, four times a day]. The coverage in the evening and overnight are repeats or footage shown on the sister networks.

And finally, NBC, as an American broadcaster will be broadcasting heavily about American athletes in events. So if an American didn’t make the 100m final in track, they’d probably put something boring on instead like a badminton final [sorry badminton fans!] where Americans did make it to the medal round.

Just remember. NBC paid the IOC probably hundreds of millions to broadcast the Olympics primarily to the US. CTV did pay but not even close.


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