Microsoft makes changes to Hotmail/Windows Live offerings

Microsoft is making changes again to their Hotmail/Windows Live offerings.

As Windows 8 comes closer, Microsoft has renamed the “Windows Live ID” moniker to “Microsoft Account”. Slowly all sites will change the moniker.

In more related news, Hotmail will be also revamped to look more like the [ugly-ish] Metro interface found in Windows 8. The same will go for other Microsoft sites.

You can also go directly to a new Hotmail site at to log into your Hotmail [or] accounts. Once again you will see the [ugly] Metro interface. In addition, there is the option to request a new address. You get to keep your contacts, Emails already sent to you and any Email sent to your address will be forwarded to the new address.

While this is quite new – if you want to claim a unique address that you couldn’t before, now is the time!

Update 2012/08/01 #1: If you use a Windows Phone, do no switch over to the Email address [i.e. from to – I’m hoping these addresses aren’t udsed!] as you will have problems with your phone. If you do the only workaround [which may or ma not work] is to do a “hard reset”.

Update 2012/08/01 #2: As you will see on the new screen, it is in “preview” which is the equivalent of saying that isn’t finished. It should be close to though as it is based on the old Hotmail site. If you click on the settings “wheel” in the upper right corner, you can revert back to Hotmail – but don’t use the URL until you are ready to stay with the new interface.


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