Is Romney another George W. Bush?

Seems the presumptive Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, needs to learn a bit of diplomacy.

Like any other politician during election time, Romney says what the people want to hear. In this case the Israelis. If he goes to Nebraska, he would promise more government funding to corn growers. If he goes to Colorado he would promise more snow in the winter. 🙂

Anyways, he started with a trip to London where British politicians criticized him for saying some of the city’s preparation for the games were “disconcerting.” [Romney was one of the big honchos during the Olympics in the US a while back.]

Romney then went to Israel to try and pull some of the Jewish vote away from Barack Obama by making a few comments that pleased Israelis and also was way less than favourable to the Palestinians in the area by basically stating to Jewish donors that their culture allowed them to be more economically successful than the Palestinians.

[Jewish Americans still favour Obama by almost 70% in recent polls even though some are complaining that Obama hasn’t help Israel much in his 3.5 years in office. American Jews have traditionally voted for the Democrats. So this could show that Romney is a weak candidate.]

While it may or may not be true, diplomatically you don’t say that. Is Romney taking lessons from George W. Bush – a president that was known to put his foot in his mouth almost daily?

He also stirred the pot by suggesting that he may break American policy by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv even though the US and others kept their embassies in Tel Aviv after Israel decided to make Jerusalem the capital [and thereby sparking criticism for it as Jerusalem has also been an iffy issue].

In Israel, he met Israeli leaders but only met Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in a brief meeting – probably also not to the delight of the Palestinians.

Romney is next heading towards Poland [if I read right] – don’t ask me why – and expect further goofs by Romney.


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2 Responses to Is Romney another George W. Bush?

  1. He certainly appears to be acting like another George W. Bush. Let’s hope things change…

    If you want to follow a political blog then check mine out and see what you think! Thanks, I appreciate it!

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