What’s new with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Here are some of the new features in OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and whgat is wrong [or off]….

Safari: Updated to fix 120+ security issues that existed in Safari 5 and adds a few new features. [Note: SAfari 6 will be available for OS X 10.7 but not OS X 10.6.]

Notification Center: The center alerts you to emails, messages and other important updates, and sits conveniently to the side of your screen when I call on it. Important updates will finally be checked daily – something that Windows has had for over 10 years.

Power Nap: Designed to update your Mac when it’s in sleep mode. The idea is to limit the amount of time wasted (and restarts required) just to have all software up-to-date.

Notes: Basically, Notes allows users to quickly jot down ideas or thoughts and save them for later. But with countless, better apps that do that in the Mac App Store, what’s the point? [Will IBM take them to court for the name?]

Reminders: Designed to help people stay on track and make sure they complete all their desired tasks in a day but many other applicatiobs do a better job.

iMessage: With it, you can quickly send instant messages to friends and family from the Mac as if you were holding my smartphone. As it looks like it will be Apple specific, don’t expect it with Windows, Androids, Linux, etc. Why bother with better IM applications out there that are cross-platform.

Problems and thoughts:

After updating, it seems many applications want access to your contacts. Why?

Same user experiences as OS X 10.7.

Some are suggesting that it isn’t worth the [roughly] $20 to update – can’t really call it an upgrade, can you?


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