New feature in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft released a “preview” [why can’t they call it beta or release candidate any more?] of Exchange Server 2013. It’s expected to be released late this year but most likely early next year. Here’s a list from Microsoft of some of the new Exchange Server 2013 features:

  • Offline support in OWA: Emails and actions are automatically synced the next time connectivity is restored.
  • Site Mailboxes bring Exchange emails and SharePoint documents together.
  • Outlook Web App offers three different UI layouts optimized for desktop, slate, and phone browsers.
  • Ability to customize Outlook and OWA by integrating apps from the Office marketplace. The new “Napa” tools and/or HTML5 are Microsoft’s preferred ways to developers to build these.
  • Replacement of the Exchange Management Console by a Web-based Exchange Administrative Center (EAC).
  • Support for up to 8 TB disks and multiple databases per disk via Data Availability Group (DAG) management.
  • Built in basic anti-malware protection, with ability for administrators to configure and manage settings from inside EAC. This feature can be disabled or paired with third-party software as well.
  • New Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities for identifying and protecting “sensitive data.” DLP policies are based on regulatory standards, including PII and PCI. [You can also set in exchange a new policy tips in Outlook 2013 that can be set to inform users about potential policy violations].
  • In-Place eDiscovery can be run across Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync from a single interface.
  • A reduction in the number of available roles to two: a Client Access Server and a Mailbox Server role. The result: These two roles are now “loosely coupled,” as Microsoft explains it. More from the Softies on this architectural change:
  • FAST Search now integrated into Exchange 2013 managed store to provide a more consistent (across Microsoft servers) indexing and searching experience.

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