Miscellaneous ramblings – part 4 [Do Not Call Registry not for everyone, construction cones]

Here’s a good one. You can complain to the CRTC’s Do Not Call Registry regarding unsolicited marketing calls and other calls. But what they won’t do anything about is text spam from cell phones.

I received a couple of them recently and took a picture of one of them and sent it to the CRTC who responded by saying that they don’t handle those issues. Contact your cell phone provider for assistance.

But I contact mine [Telus in this case but I’m sure the others are the same] and basically got a response that they don’t have the technology to do anything. Not even to block.

In another subject, those living in Montreal are always commenting about the number of construction cones they see [officially known as version 7 as it took seven versions before this model was selected] have to remember that many of these cones are rented by the city at a cost of 75 centers to $1.50 a day [according to a Montreal Gazette article last summer].

Meanwhile the city also rents out many of those portable concrete walls. There are a bunch of those blocking the entrance from Girouard to Decarie Autoroute south and those have been there for a couple of years already and will probably be there for a few more years [or permanent when the Turcot interchange is redone. I’m wondering what those walls cost a day.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to put up something more permanent – even to knock it down in a few years or so?

[PS – Ever wanted to buy a cone? It’s about $150 each – depending on the quantity. Old chopped up tires not included.]


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