Rash of drownings hit Quebec – preventable

Recently there has been a rash of drowning in pools in Quebec.

News media have been covering the topic regularly.

In one news segment, a reporter interviewed a pool owner who said that it would cost him probably more than $5000 to put up a fence and would have to rip up part of the surface around the pool to do it. I think it is more important to put up a fence no matter what the cost is, than to see another drowning.

Does it cost more than someone drowning?

Recently, one drowning occurred even with a fence but I’m wondering if the fence’s door wasn’t properly constructed to restrict access to those who are young. If the latch is too low, that would be a reason. Police are investigating.

The Quebec law requiring pool fences as of 2010 is ridiculous. [Local by laws may require it prior to that year.]

It should be forced on all pool owners. Either put up a fence or take the pool down or seel it shut.


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