Supreme Court hears 2011 election challenge

In case you missed the news, the 2011 election results from Etobicoke, Ontario have gone to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Conservative MP Ted Optiz won the race over Liberal incumbent Borys Wrzesnewsky by just 26 votes. Wrzesnewsky was able to prove that at least 79 votes cast should not of been counted because of irregularities. In some cases the registration certificates that allowed votes to mark a vote were missing. An Ontario Superior Court judge ruled in May in Wrzesnewsky’s favour.

Now it has gone to the Supreme Court. An Elections Canada official has testified that 44 of 52 voters with the missing registration certificates were on the National Register of Electors [meaning they could vote somewhere legally].

Both sides have testified about the integrity of voting in an election, that things are never full proof, etc. If the court decides in favour of Wrzesnewsky, Prime Minister Harper will be required to call a by-election within six months of the ruling. The average ruling by the court is eight months.

In my opinion, there seems to sufficient evidence that there were enough irregularities in the voting. Even removing the 44 votes, that still leaves 35 votes that could have gone any way and is more than the difference between Wrzesnewsky and Optiz.

Even then the 44 who were legally allowed to vote should have voted in their own riding – not a different one. If they couldn’t vote in their own riding, they should have used advanced polling.

If voters are allowed to vote in any riding they wanted to, some polling stations will be overwhelmed with more voters than they are capable of handling while others would be bare. Additionally, in theory, one party could tell votes from a nearby riding [where their candidate is sure to win] to vote in another riding where the candidates are neck and neck.

Voters are given plenty of chances to vote in their own riding. Can you imagine how things would slow down in the voting process if maybe 500 voters in each and every riding decided to vote elsewhere?


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