MacBook Pro with Retina Display not for everyone

While most non-techies will never care as much, some techies are not impressed with Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

There is no optical drive. OK. With the speed of the Internet and USB keys, that’s not critical. What some are complaining about is the lack of an Ethernet port. While it is nice to have wireless, wired is faster and more secure. Why bother connecting wireless at a slower speed if you are five feet away from the router.

The new line is thinner and sleeker than the previous line and also includes an HDMI port and two Thunderbolt ports and two USB 3.0 ports. Why two Thunderbolt ports? How many peripherals with that port are available in stores? [Oh, you can buy a Thunderbolt to Ethernet port adapter for probably $40 from Apple – that’s something to lug around even if it is small.]

I also noticed that the Core i7 notebooks are using the 2.3Ghz quad core processor while PC laptops are using mostly 3.1Ghz and greater. I guess the faster speeds resulted in heat problems.

It gets even worse. The battery is actually a series of flat batteries that are glued [yes – GLUED!] to the case. You can’t remove them or even access components below them like the track pad. See the image below.

Even worse still, the 256GB solid state drive [SSD] is proprietary. It does not have the same casing as your typical SSD. In fact, there is no case. It looks more like a memory card.

It still gets worse. You can’t change the RAM. Sure it has 16GB of memory. But what if the memory is faulty [especially after the warranty is over]? On any other computer – Mac or not – you can change or upgrade the RAM. Not in this case.

Finally, like the recent other gadgets, Apple is using those funky screws for the case so most people can’t open it up.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice laptop – if you can afford the price of probably $2200+ for it. The Retina screen makes a difference with a 2880 by 1800 pixel resolution at 220 ppi and between the RAM and SSD, it is quite fast. But this is more like a Cadillac – not an Altima which is what most people need.


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