Microsoft offers cheap Windows 8 upgrades

Microsoft may already be worried about the not so positive reviews for Windows 8 that has come from bloggers and others.

First, Microsoft announced that any computer purchased between the beginning of June and the end of January 2013 can upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for just $15. Makes no difference in whether it is Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional that is bought.  Note that it must be bought in store or online (having an OEM license) from companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, etc.

See Note that the Windows 8 upgrade can be installed on another system as long as the system meets or exceeds Windows 8 requirements.

Note that this promotion applies to all computers bought from June 1st. Some stores are forgetting to mention this and could sucker you in to buy a computer you don’t want but they are trying to dump.

[As an added bonus, the Play Station 2 promotion for computers at or above $599 is still on for students. So, you can get both promotions.]

Now there is a second promotion. All system that meets or exceeds Windows 8 requirements can upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for $40US [or $70US with media]. This promotion will begin when Windows 8 is available when released to the retail and will end at the end of January 2013. It will be available at Once purchased, you will download an installer stub which will then download Windows 8 on that computer and upgrade.

[Note that like before, you can’t install Windows 8 64-bit when you currently have a 32-bit OS and vice versa. The option to download an ISO image may be available – and I would recommend if it is.]

Finally, you can tell there are signs [from an IT professional’s prospective] that a new version of Windows is coming out – I have seen a few KB [knowledge base] articles stating that the solution to the problem found in Windows 7 [and some times before] will be fixed in the next version of Windows. They don’t specify the version but it say “next”.

See for more information about upgrades.


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