The death of RIM?

I’ve been a fan of Research in Motion ever since I bought my Bold 9700 – quite possibly the last popular smartphone they released.

And of course, being a Canadian headquartered company doesn’t hurt either.

But after the last few of days, who knows what RIM will be like in 2013.

There has been denied reports by RIM that the company would be split in two and possibly sold. As most of the company comes from their smartphones and services, unsure how it could be split.

Then a big bombshell when it was announced that 5,000 jobs at RIM would be killed off and that the next generation smartphone – scheduled for this fall – is now delayed possibly for six months.

When this news came out, stocked dropped quite a bit – hitting its lowest level in ovder nine years.

There have also been further rumours floating around that either Facebook or Microsoft could buy them with a Facebook purchase a better fit as it doesn’t have any phones at all.

And naturally, the federal government has decided it won’t do anything about it.


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