What to expect in Apple’s iOS 6

As the next iPhone is probably just a few months away, Apple has already announced some of the features that are expected to be included in the release. Apple’s iOS 6 will be available for iPhones all the way back to the 3GS, plus the iPad 2 and new iPad. Here are some of them:

A new feature is the global HTTP proxy. It now applies to all networking instead of a per-connection basis. For the enterprise and end users, this feature could provide better protection for data and devices on public networks. IPv6 will also be finally included.

In iOS 6, iPad and iPhone owners will be able to use FaceTime over 3G connections – not just Wi-Fi. The initial concern by wireless carriers about FaceTime’s network load didn’t pan out. For the enterprise, an issue is increased data costs, because video of bandwidth.

There is also “kiosk mode”. Ever want to run a demo continuously without someone stopping it? Kiosk mode will do it for you.

A new features will add support for Microsoft’s encryption formats. Instead of being forced to open documents on a desktop, iOS 6 users will be able to open those protected Office files or use services such as Dropbox.

Apple will be making a handful of changes to protect the data of iPhone users from third-party apps. This will give users much more control of which applications can access their personal info.

As reported a few months ago, some iOS applications in the iTunes store were giving out personal information from users to the software’s developers without permission. Apps did not need the user’s consent to access any form of content on the user’s device.

In addition Facebook will be integrated into iOS 6 as well.

One of the new iOS 6 features that will add to these capabilities of protecting lost iPhones is Lost Mode, which lets the user send a phone number to his or her lost iPhone which if found will display the phone number of the owner and call.


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