Some basic information of Microsoft’s surface tablet

By now you have heard that Microsoft is getting into the tablet business with their tablet line called Surface.

Of course there has been mice, keyboards and webcams for a long time – and even some networking hardware for a brief time – but this is really the first time Microsoft will jump in the more pricier hardware.

Two core models are expected to be released. Microsoft hasn’t released pricing, the exact release date [expect roughly when Windows 8 will be out] as well as battery life and some features.

There is the Windows RT model which will be released with the upcoming Windows 8 RT. This will be geared towards the consumer and will be the cheaper model. Windows 8 RT will not be able to run applications found on the more conventional Windows as it is using a different CPU platform.

The second model will include Windows 8 Professional and be able to join a network domain. Unlike the RT model, it will have an increased memory capacity [and probably disk space] as well as applications that are compatible to desktops and laptops.

In my opinion, I would tend to be a bit nervous to purchase the RT model. While I could see Microsoft supporting the regular edition for a long time, Microsoft may support the RT edition but will developers support it – especially if it tanks. You could be stuck with something like that tablet that HP dumped in 2011.

A few bloggers have already given the Surface the thumbs down – but only because Microsoft didn’t provide more details [jeez, it still won’t be out for a few months and they are already complaining]. Most of the more respectable bloggers and reviewers have given the Surface mostly positive reviews.


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