Why not to believe in rumours (electronics industry)

Oh why do people believe analysts working at various media outlets?

The Times of London recently said an un-named source saying that Research in Motion would be split in two. RIM has denied the report [note: no multiple reports or sources] and how can you split RIM anyways? They primarily make smartphones and the OS to go with it.

Another rumour said that Microsoft would release a smartphone since the Surface tablets have already been announced and the smartphone was already in production. Microsoft has already denied this rumour – and Microsoft have a tendency of telling the truth and not telling the truth and then coming out with what was rumoured.

Remember the netbook? These analysts claimed that netbook sales will increase every year for years to come. By 2009, sales were dropping. Why? They couldn’t look in their crystal ball and figure out the iPad and other tablets were coming out.

Remember the iPad 3 – sorry the iPad HD – sorry the “new” iPad. Yup. It was reported that the current iPad would be called the iPad 3 [which is logical since it came after the iPad 2] and then called the iPad HD because of the better screen. Some claimed the current iPad would be out by Christmas 2011 which was false [too close after the launch of the iPhone 4S].

I read about rumours that when the iPhone 4S was finally released in the fall of 2011 it would be rumoured to be out in the spring, the summer and then in September 2011 [logical only because of the beginning of the school year].

Apple gadgets tend to be victims most of the time – and mostly because they want things hyped. So they don’t want to deny any rumours. It’s free publicity for them. They probably don’t even have to advertise [the fanbois and fangurls would by their shiny new gadgets anyways].

So next time you read about a new model or feature in an upcoming phone or gadget, don’t get excited. Probably false.


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