Application & operating system support from Microsoft explained

[Or at least the basics when support dies.]

A reminder that Microsoft will still support a component, application or add-on of an operating system as long as the operating system and the application are still supported.

For example, when Windows XP support dies in April 2014, Office 2010 will still be supported but not for Windows XP. So if you called up Microsoft and said that you have a problem with Office 2010 and you say you are using Windows XP, they probably won’t support you.

Similarly, if you have Windows Security Essentials’ latest version installed on Windows XP, in April 2014, Microsoft may not support MSE on Windows XP but the definitions may continue to be downloadable. But once they require a newwer version of MSE, probably no more definitions.

As well, when Office 2003 isn’t supported anymore in April 2014, it won’t be even if you are using Windows 7.

In a final example, any version of Internet Explorer with Windows XP won’t be supported in April 2014 – even if you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 [which are still supported either in Vista or Windows 7].

So to recap, an application won’t be supported if the operating system isn’t [and in rare cases – vice versa].

A reminder that the application or operating system continues to function after support dies but you are risking security issues in doing so.


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