Mitt Roney’s Hotmail and Dropbox accounts hacked

The Hotmail and Dropbox accounts of US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney appear to have been hacked. This will follow a hack of Sarah Palin’s account on Yahoo almost four years ago.

So far there is no confirmation of the hack from the Romney camp, which was first reported by a news site Gawker, but a statement made by a communication director saying it is under investigation.

Gawker said they were contacted by someone who said that Romney’s Hotmail account was hack. Allegedly, the account hasn’t been used since 2006 and yet was kept alive for the last six years. [Hotmail will generally kill accounts that haven’t been activated for 90 (or maybe 180) days].

The hacker is said to have bypassed Hotmail security by correctly answering the security reset question ‘what is your favourite pet?’  It turns out that is also the password for Romney’s Dropbox account.

When the address was published in a story by the Wall Street Journal recently, the hacker checked to see if it was hackable.

The hacker didn’t leak any contents unlike the contents of Sarah Palin’s account which were leaked in 2008.

One has to wonder why Romney has a Dropbox. Using a public cloud site for possible sensitive information isn’t a good idea. Neither is using [from what it looks like is] a simple password.


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