Some new (enterprise) features in Windows 8

Here are a few Windows 8 features that will benefit the enterprise. Some features are available in all client versions but some are specific to a client on a domain.

Windows To Go: A new feature of the upcoming Windows 8 Enterprise, allows Windows 8 to be run from a USB stick on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 system. It does require Software Assurance in order to obtain Windows To Go use rights to use it at work and on a home PC. Microsoft is also introducing the new “companion license” where employees can use Windows To Go on a personal device in the office.

SMB 3: SMB 3 adds major performance and feature improvements. Includes encryption in transit and other features, including a new feature known as SMB multichannel – which allows the system to use multiple network channels, increasing overall throughout and adding fault tolerance to the environment.

Improved Task Manager: Microsoft has given Task Manager itself a huge upgrade, making it much more useful and adding Metro application information. Windows Vista added the full path to the running executable but this will be a major upgrade that was needed.

Improved multi monitor support: Windows 8 will add new multi-monitor features such as a multiple monitor taskbar and the option to have different backgrounds on each monitor. An estimated 14% of desktop users have two or more monitors.

Secure Boot: A feature which disallows the loading of unauthorized firmware, operating systems, and drivers at boot time.  For x86/x64 versions of Windows 8, vendors will need to add Secure Boot capabilities to their UEFI (as opposed to BIOS) systems also have option to disable Secure Boot. For Windows RT (ARM)-based Windows 8, the user can’t disable Secure Boot.   Hyper-V on the Desktop: Hyper-V will be a component of the Windows 8 client. Desktop requires systems with processors that support Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) and with enough resources to run multiple operating systems.


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