Computer Tip: Using Outlook 2007 and later with multiple monitors

Do you have more than one monitor and are using Outlook 2007 or later?

If so, you can actually use your multiple monitors to view different parts of Outlook.

For example, if Outlook is open, right click on any of the features in the navigation pane [such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.] and choose Open in New Window. You can also choose anything under your account.

You can then drag the opened window onto another screen.

If you close Outlook from the File menu [or the orb in Outlook 2007], Outlook will remember the current position and monitor for the windows that are open and then put them back in the same monitor and location the next time you open Outlook. However, if you close Outlook in any other way [“X” in the upper right corner or closing using the taskbar], the settings won’t be remembered.

This could be quite useful in certain situations such as if you are modifying your calendar quite often but you still want to see the main screen.


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