Warning about the DNSChanger malware – July 9th deadline

Google is warning users whose computers are infected with the DNSChanger malware when they use its search engine. Users whose computers are found to be infected are provided a link to directions for removing the malware from their computers.

DNSChanger initially redirected users to sites with advertisements the attackers wanted them to view. Authorities [with the help of Microsoft and some other companies] seized the malicious servers and replaced them with their own, which redirect users to the proper sites, but the court order allowing them to operate those servers expires on July 9, 2012; any infected computers will not be able to reach the Internet after the servers cease to be active.

You can check by going to http://www.dns-ok.ca/  which is a website created by the main domain registrar for Canada. You should also run the same test prior to July 9th.

For your reference (for a very basic definition):  A DNS server is a server that resides on the Internet. Your Internet provider as well as independent companies or organizations will have them. The DNS server translates your request for a web site in your browser [i.e. www.wordpress.com] into an Internet Protocol [IP] address or in reverse. Think of an IP address as a street address. Each street address has to be unique. While your information requests jumps around from location to location seeking the destination, only the IP address is used.

Now if someone is hijacking the DNS server [via DNSChanger] that you are using [using malware], you would notice incorrect web sites requested, anti-virus disabled, pop-up windows and other issues.


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