When is a Canadian product not one?

Oh here’s a good one.

Where in the world where beef that came from a cow raised on a farm in the country and later slaughtered and processed in the same country not given the label that is made in that country?

Only in Canada.

Up until 2008, there was a law saying that if at least 51% of the total production cost occurred in Canada [even if all ingredients weren’t from Canada], then it is a Canadian product.

Many found that law to be a bit odd – to say the least. So in 2008, the law was changed. The Conservative government went the other way and decided that 98% of the ingredients must be Canadian.

Because of this change, which the government still hasn’t changed at all, many products that should be labeled as a product of Canada is not labeled at all.

So, if a cow was raised on a farm in Alberta and then slaughtered at a meat processing factory elsewhere in Canada, the resulting meat may not be considered Canadian because of the seasoning and salt [as some say those two could account for 3% of the ingredients] which may not have come from Canada. [Don’t get me started on whether the feed for the cow came from Canada or maybe the cow was born in the US. Did the cow take a citizenship oath upon entering the country? I doubt it.]

Or take maple syrup from Quebec. Maybe the sugar added came from outside of the country. It can’t be labeled a product of Canada [or Quebec] by law.

Some suggest at least excluding minor ingredients that are hard to source locally, such as sugar or vinegar. Others suggest dropping the threshold to 85%.

Ever notice in the US how they are proud to display a “Made in the USA” label. It adds a bit of patriotism that our country sometimes lacks. The US even has other labels such as something like “Assembled in the US from parts made in China and Mexico”.


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