Old Age Security delay isn’t right

You have to wonder why, when the federal Conservative government announced that they would increase the Old Age Security [OAS], they decided to hold off on doing so for ten years.

First they would increase it by a year in ten years and later on another year. So if you are probably in your forties now or younger, you can get OAS when you are 67 – not 65.

The government claims that there isn’t enough money to keep up the demand, especially with the population’s average age increasing. Canadians are dying at a later age. Yet, they offer no figures to show their projections – right or wrong. The opposition parties claim it isn’t as bad – no doom and gloom.

Also, why delay the increase for ten years? If they say it is that bad, increase the age now. Of course while there has been a small backlash regarding the OAS increase, there would be a huge backlash if the change occurred immediately with the possibility of the Conservatives losing their majority in government in the next election as the increase would affect the vast majority of Canadians.

A more logical approach – assuming the government can prove their projections – would be to increase it by a year [and for them wait ten years before the increase takes affect] and sometime in the future decide whether or not a further increase is required.


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