Windows 8 to be available November 8th?

This could be interesting. Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 Phones will be available as of November 8th.

Since the various editions [laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone] have been worked on at the same time, this could be the date that Windows 8 on the other clients will be released as well – not RTM [released to manufacturing] but actual street date where you can buy the client or by a new system with Windows 8. The RTM will actually be in in late August or early September but will be available to manufacturers, developers and IT professionals.

The big question, if this is true, is whether this will bring any big sales in the Windows platform prior to Christmas.

To make things more complicated, the next iPhone [the dumb research analysts thought it would be named “iPad 3” or “iPad HD” but were wrong] – which could be the “iPhone 5” … or not…. could be release just a couple of weeks prior to the Windows 8 Phone. If Windows 8 Phone was to be released before the iPhone, it would have a fighting chance. But after? Not likely.

As I mentioned before, unless Microsoft caves in and returns the “classic” Start menu as an option, Windows 8 will fail. Nobody wants to learn a whole stack of shortcuts that were previously available in Windows 7 as a one or two clicks. As the first beta release isn’t out yet, we don’t know if Microsoft heard the complaints and brought it back – or not.

Barring any major change, I am still not recommending Windows 8 on a non-touch screen system [laptop or desktop].


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