Why so many Microsoft security updates this month?

In case you didn’t notice, there were more updates than expected if you are or will update your Windows computer this week with the latest security updates.

Turns out that some updates [technically I should call them a bulletin in Microsoft’s “language”] may require multiple fixes.

As it turns out, 3 of the 6 bulletins from Microsoft had multiple updates [4 if you use Office 2007]. In fact, one bulletin could result in maybe 12 updates alone. That’s a reason why most people had between 15 to 20 updates.

In the case of the bulletin with maybe 12 updates, the same component had multiple issues. While Microsoft could of released a super update for the Windows issues they chose a separate update [sometimes so that an individual update could be replaced instead of reissuing one big update]. As well, most of the remaining updates are single updates for various components that not everyone has or purchased [in the case of Office]. Microsoft never mixes Windows and Office updates.

Expect a bit of time before shutting the computer down and restarting the next time.

Note: I’ve had one case already where a Windows Vista computer froze on shutdown. It could a be a onetime issue.


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