Happy two years ago, but not now

Remember that big stimulus package that the Canadian government dished out a couple of years back? Well, up to 19,000 civil servants jobs of the Canadian government could be at stake.

More than 3,800 civil servants across various government departments received the dreaded notices in the latest round of budget cuts. They want to save $5.2 billion over the next three years.

As part of its “austerity” program, the Harper Conservatives are slashing jobs left and right. But they don’t what to say where they are coming from.

Sure, some of them will retire or decide not to take chances and get a private sector job. But for many….

So far something like 270 jobs in Statistics Canada are gone. Plus something like 635 in Parks Canada. Cuts will affection Corrections Canada, border security, food inspectors and other vital areas.

So the government spent money left and right a couple of years ago did nothing last year and now decided to chop jobs.

Meanwhile, at least $1 million will be spent on the visit of Prince Charles and Camilla.

Even worse, Foreign Affairs has a catalogue of hundreds of paintings and don’t want to sell them – even though many are in storage. Here’s an idea, sell them off and instead display paintings by current [and living] painters from Canada. What’s the point of keeping a painting worth $100,000 in storage? Sell them off.

So the next time you are trying to find help while camping at a Parks Canada campground, good luck.


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