Will the federal ministers ever learn?

Hmmmm. Seems our Conservative federal government likes to spend taxpayer money.

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda once again [yes, it wasn’t the first time] was caught using taxpayer money to give herself some fringe benefits.

In a trip to a conference in London, England last year, she decided that she didn’t want to stay at the hotel where the conference was but instead at a posh hotel [at twice the cost] two kilometers away at something like $700 a night.

Even worse, she hired a limousine service that averaged $1000 a day to take her to and from the conference.

She decided only when this latest scandal came out that she decided to pay the difference in the hotel room as the government was on the hook for both hotels. But she has yet to pay for the limousine service.

Oda finally did apologize – but only after she was ordered to by Prime Minister Harper. Let’s just say most expect her minister status to disappear this summer in an expected cabinet shuffle. They say Harper hasn’t even spoke to her since the scandal erupted.

Among those who also used the government’s coffers as free money source was Defence Minister Peter McKay, who used a search and rescue helicopter to fly him out of a wilderness area. When confronted, he said he was observing a search and rescue training. Yet nobody seemed to know of the training.

It seems Prime Minister Harper hasn’t bothered to lecture his MPs on the dos and don’ts when it comes to being a politician even after over a year in power [plus the years as a minority government].

When will this end?


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