Patrick Roy for coach or GM?

Patrick Roy as head coach or general manager of the Canadiens?

No thanks.

There are many reason why he won’t be in the near future. Start off with, he has no NHL experience in either position [even as an assistant]. A coach or general manager in junior hockey isn’t the same as in the NHL.

He won a bunch of Stanley Cups as a player. That doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be a coach or general manager.

Roy had that incident in January 2007 as Quebec Remparts co-owner against the Chicoutimi Saguenéens co-owner and 14 months later again against Chicoutimi Saguenéens where some said he encouraged his son, goaltender Jonathan, to do some brawling.

The Habs organization also won’t forget the time when he stormed off the ice after being pulled during the game in December 1995, went right by then head coach Mario Tremblay and told team president Ronald Corey that he wanted to be traded away. That was his last game.

Maybe he could be an assistant coach of general manager but nothing higher.

But once again, that December 1995 night won’t be forgotten.


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