US presidential race goes to the dogs

Wooops. It finally was revealed the US presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a trip to Canada in the 1980s had their Irish Setter Seamus strapped to the roof of his family’s station wagon. The candidate, and his wife Ann, have been avoiding the story for a while.

Ann Romney said in the interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that “the dog loved it” after the dog was put in a dog transport crate and strapped to the roof of the station wagon. The dog was with them for two weeks. The dog became sick and defecated over the windshield of the car.

Romney, according to his wife, hosed the dog and the car, and the family continued the trip to Canada.” Mitt Romney says he would do the same thing now.

Former candidate Newt Gingrich first introduced the story of Seamus in January 2012, when his campaign released a video featuring Romney explaining how the dog was transported.

In further dog news, President Barack Obama’s memoir “Dreams from My Father” mentioned that he ate dog meat during a trip to Indonesia.

But Obama was just 10 years old at the time, sampling a bit of local delicacy his stepfather offered him. Seems this story got out [but wasn’t unknown since it was in the book] when Romney [or a staff member] tweeted the old story.


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