Our dumb Quebec government

Two complaints about the Quebec government… Yes there could be many more, but two is a start!

I’ve been filing electronically my taxes for probably the last 8 years except for once. Like last year, I filed online. So, provincially, I asked to have [like previous years] my notice of assessment done electronically.

So, recently I got an Email from Revenue Quebec saying my assessment is ready. Go online and try to access my account. I used the same “user code” as previously. Didn’t work. There is also no “Forgotten user code” option.

So I called up Revenue Quebec, entered the right queue. Waited 20+ minutes and got someone who told me I was in the wrong queue. He transferred me to the “right” queue, where I waited another 10+ minutes.

Finally got a hold of someone who told me that if I don’t know my user code, I can just create a new user account! [So you can actually have multiple user accounts?]

Luckily I stayed online and asked him what I need to create an account. Social Insurance Number. Check. 2011 or 2010 return. Check. Notice of assessment number. Errr. Nope. It’s on my assessment online. The Email didn’t include it. The guy said it would have to be mailed out! What a waste!

[Just noticed that the idiot forgot to mention that I could of used last year’s assessment number. Just saw that online. Same page confirms that they can only mail the assessment number.]

PS – I used my 2010 return to access my assessment [plus those prior].

Meanwhile, Lotto Quebec [an arm of the Quebec government] started to advertise on TV that you can now gamble online on their “Mise O Jeu” web site.

Anyone guess what the problem is?

In case you haven’t here is what I think the problem is: Anyone can play online. How can they determine that you are 18 years old or older? It’s easy to check if you go to a depanneur or a casino – but online? Some kid can grab his mother’s credit card while she isn’t looking, create an account, deposit a few hundred dollars into the “Espacejeux” account and gamble away. [Yes, maybe the mother may figure it out but by then hundreds could be lost.] Or if the parents don’t give a crap, the parents may even allow them to play online.

Wouldn’t it be more logical for the Quebec government to use something like their clicSÉQUR [from Revenue Quebec] to manage accounts. After all the clicSÉQUR has all the information to verify that you are indeed 18 or older. [Yes, a parent can still be dumb enough to give their kid access or use an incredibly easy password – but at least less likely.] I think Lotto Quebec also falls under Revenue Quebec’s domain.


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