Wal-Mart the scammers

Wal-Mart in the US announced it plans to cut $1 billion in grocery prices to help people out.

Ya. Right.

In fact it is just a nice publicity stunt to get people to walk in the store, buy more and also buy other items they weren’t expecting to buy. In the US, Wal-Mart sells $145 billion a year just in groceries. They’ll probably reduce an item by 5 centers here and 10 cents there.

Unsure about the US, but in Canada, Wal-Mart loves to advertise their “Roll back” pricing. Roll back? They are using that term to announce a sale – not a [near] permanent reduced price in the products they are rolling back.

Take any rolled back item in the store. Monitor it for a few weeks. I can [just about] guarantee you that within a few weeks, it will be back to their “normal” price. Of course a few weeks later, they will roll back the price on thast item again. Isn’t that a sale?

Let’s just say that when the prices aren’t rolled back, they are not competitive against other competitors who are selling the same products.


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